friends , welcome to our another post today which today we’re going to talk , is about a company that provides a large can easily take business loans. Friends , you will also get information about the business loan available from the bank on our website , as well as about the applications that can provide you business loan. So if you want to get their information , then you click here. So today we FlexiLoans tell about , Flexi Loan can apply with the help of a loan of a Jnjt home without sitting , and if you loan eligibile If so , then you will also get these loans. FlexiLoans provide quick business loans without collateral to small and medium businesses in India for their working capital requirements. We offer unsecured business loans starting from 1% per month. More than 10000+ loans disbursed successfully. So today we will tell you how much loan you can get from this application ? For how long can you get this loan ? On taking this loan, you will get the loan according to what percentage. And finally, we will also inform you that how can you take a business loan from FlexiLoan ? Here you also get different types of business lines , about which we will inform you first.

Types Of Business Loan From FlexiLoans

  • Working capital loans
  • Vendor financing
  • Merchant cash advance
  • line of credit

So friends, you get to see these 4 types of loans from FlexiLoans . Today we will give you information about Working Capital Loan . So first of all let us know how much loan you can get under Working Capital Loan ?





How much business loan can I get with FlexiLoans ? FlexiLoans Loan Amount

If you are also thinking of taking a loan from this company or are going to take a loan, then let me tell you that the loan you will get from this company will be between ₹ 50,000 to 1 crore. If you FlexiLoan want to loan you at least here ₹ 50,000can get a loan of up to? And what if you need too much money it FlexiLoan can give you a loan of more than more 1 million .

No longer will you went to be aware of the fact , that this FlexiLoan can find out how much loan by now that it is also very important to know how to do you this FlexiLoan will the amount of loans so the interest rate by.




What is the interest rate charged to you on the loan with FlexiLoans ? FLEXILOANS INTEREST RATE

FlexiLoan you that Working Capital will loan , will be interest rate you on it , he will receive at least interest of 1% rate. And talk about the maximum interest rate, then you will get to see it according to 2%. Now this thing must be coming in your mind , that how can you get the loan at such low interest ? So let me tell you one thing that you will get this loan , it will be applied to you on a monthly basis , and if you do the same thing, you will get to see from 12% to 24%according to the maximum number of years.


Now you know the feeling that you have this FlexiLoan may rate how much interest by , now you must know that you found this FlexiLoan make much amount of time given the loan to back.




For how long can you get a business loan with FlexiLoan ? FLEXILOAN TENURE RATE

If you take a loan from this company and you also get good interest, then it becomes very important for you that how much time you get to pay back the loan outstanding amount through FlexiLoan . That is, how much tenure rate does this company charge you. Friends, let me tell you friends for your information, this FlexiLoan will give you at least 3 months if you take a loan from it. And this FlexiLoan will give you maximum time of 24months to pay back the loan outstanding amount.     

Now friends, you have come to know that how much time you are going to get through this FlexiLoan to pay back the loan outstanding amount. Now we know what documents you are going to need from this FlexiLoan if you are going to apply for people or will apply.

Documents Required For FlexiLoans

Friends , the documents you are going to need to take loan from here are

  • First of all, you will need the bank statement of your salary account. 
  • Second you have to give your Aadhar card.
  • Third, you will have to show any government document that can reveal your identity. Like PAN card done , Voter ID card done , Aadhar card done , all these documents that you can give photocopy to this company.

Now you have come to know that with the help of which documents you are going to get the loan with the help of this FlexiLoan and how much interest. Now the most important thing comes that which eligibility criteria you have to fulfill if you want to take loan from this FlexiLoan .   

Eligibility Criteria Required For FlexiLoans

1. First of all you must be a citizen of India if you want to take loan from this company.

2. Second, your age should be from 21years to 56 years. That is, if you want to take a loan through this FlexiLoans , then you must be at least 18 years old, if your age is less than 21 years, then it will not give you the loan. And the same if you are more than 56 years of age, even then the company will not give you the loan, so you have to inform that you are going to take a loan from here for any person, his age should be up to 56years. 

3. You must have no source of income if you work to pay your salary 1 5 , 000should be and what you will do your business you something the company has filled your income tax Will have to show

Why should you take a loan from FlexiLoans ?

  • You can get a loan starting from 1% to 1crore.
  • You don’t need any security or collateral
  • This company provides loan in 100cities.
  • Fast Process – You will get the business loan within 48hours.
  • You will not find any hidden charges here.
  • You will get to see the process absolutely hassle free and paperless.

Now let us talk about how you can get a loan from FlexiLoans ?


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How to get Business Loan from FlexiLoans ? FLEXILOANS APPLY?

  • First of all you have to download FlexiLoans App from Play Store.
  • After downloading you need to sign up for FlexiLoans application.
  • After signing up, you will have to choose your loan, which can get you up to 1 crore approx.
  • Then you have to fill important details like your name etc in this FlexiLoans app.
  • After that you have to complete your KYC process.
  • Then you have to fill your bank details in FlexiLoans app.
  • Then if you are eligible for a loan through this company, then you will get the approval of the loan immediately.
  • Then you have to put a sign i.e. your signature on the online loan agreement.
  • After all these things, the amount of people will be given to you in your bank account.


So today we told you how you can take a loan from FlexiLoan ? How much interest is charged to you on the loan you will get from here ? You these loans so the interest is levied on the rate , you get much time to back the loan ? How do you apply for a loan ? That’s all today we you Bty , if you have a friend or family Kissi friend Jrrurt the business Lonki of , you are Articl them share the tax , if friends so much that today you do not our last Articl Read what was above Flash Rupee application, in which we have given you all the information related to Flash Rupee application , that how you can get loan from here ? You only get loan from here…… READ MORE

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